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Hello! My name is Iva Tosic.

I am a drone pilot, an expert in drone operation, flying, and utilizing drones for various purposes.

My job involves conducting drone flights to achieve specific goals, as well as maintaining and managing drones and their accompanying equipment.

My main role as a drone pilot includes:

Flight preparation: As a drone pilot, I am responsible for preparing the drone before each flight. This includes checking the batteries, system functionality, calibration, and ensuring that the drone is ready for a safe flight. I also perform weather checks and secure the necessary flight permits.

Flight execution: During flights, I control the drone to achieve the desired outcomes. This can involve capturing photos or videos, conducting terrain surveys, monitoring activities, delivering payloads, or any other purpose for which the drone is engaged.

Safety and compliance: As a drone pilot, I prioritize safe flights and adhere to all relevant laws and regulations pertaining to drone usage. I also prioritize the safety of others and their property during flights.

Drone maintenance: I regularly perform maintenance and care for the drones, including cleaning, software updates, calibration, and necessary repairs. Additionally, I maintain records of maintenance and drone servicing.

Data analysis: I may be responsible for analyzing data collected during drone flights, such as photos or recordings. Analyzing this data can provide valuable insights for research, monitoring, planning, and other purposes.

To become a successful drone pilot, it is essential to possess the appropriate certificates and training for drone operation. Skills such as good visual perception, precise flight control, technical understanding of drones, and problem-solving abilities are crucial.

In summary, a drone pilot is an expert in drone operation and flying, utilizing their skills and knowledge to carry out various tasks with drones in a safe and efficient environment.

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