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Construction Management


Belgrade, Serbia



Certified UAV Pilot

Iva Tosic



Construction Management

Drone solutions help manage every step of the construction process to moniter progress, reduce risks, and keep personnel safe.

Progress Monitoring

Drone solutions, along with image stitching and 3D modeling software help teams stay fully informed on site progress and resource allocation – keeping projects on time and on track.

Overhead Power Line Stringing

Heavy-lifter drones can carry cables to string power lines through complex geographies such as valleys or rivers.

As Built Condition

By documenting on-site data throughout a project life cycle, contractors can easily track changes and build as-built models that reflect changes in detail before accepting the final project.

Asset Digitization

Build high-definition 2D maps and 3D models of facilities and vertical structures using survey-grade drones, illustrating inspection results digitally.

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